Freshman English Class

This is a true story from way back. Like 1997. Hearing “Semi-Charmed Life” the other day is to blame. So that makes me how old now? LOL My Freshman High-School English teacher was always very “dramatic.” Even when she was just talking to us. She had studied Theater in college and had acted on stage. … Continue reading Freshman English Class

My First TDOR

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is traditionally held on November 20 worldwide. In Indianapolis, the actual day seems to vary. The first time I attended was in 2009. Our local ceremony was held on November 14 that year. Since then, every year I have attended our local ceremony or gathered with friends. The following is … Continue reading My First TDOR

A Very Special Summer

The following is about someone I knew when I was much younger. She was instrumental in my own development as a person and her love will touch my life forever. At 12 I had no idea what “transgender” meant. I just knew there was something special between us. I decided to write this after hearing … Continue reading A Very Special Summer