A Very Special Summer

The following is about someone I knew when I was much younger. She was instrumental in my own development as a person and her love will touch my life forever. At 12 I had no idea what “transgender” meant. I just knew there was something special between us. I decided to write this after hearing … Continue reading A Very Special Summer

Your Girlfriend Is HOW Tall?

Bang! The volleyball made a sound like a gunshot as it slammed into the mats hanging from the wall of the gym, then dropped to the floor. As I turned to look, one of the players yelled “Hey, you’re not supposed to be in here. This is a private practice!” As she walked towards me, … Continue reading Your Girlfriend Is HOW Tall?

It’s Been 20 Years?

Twenty years ago. Hard to believe it’s been that long. It was the Fall of 1999. The end of the millennium. Everywhere you looked there was some story about “Y2K” which was right around the corner. Daily the media made dire predictions about how technology would ultimately fail and assured us that catastrophes would occur … Continue reading It’s Been 20 Years?

The Most Beautiful Woman That Ever Lived

Still remember it. It was a Saturday many years ago. I would have only been about 9 or 10. We had a little-league football game that afternoon. Was watching TV in our family room when some movie about vampires came on. Almost turned it off. I was too busy thinking about the game later and … Continue reading The Most Beautiful Woman That Ever Lived

Freshman English Class

This is a true story from way back. Like 1997. Hearing “Semi-Charmed Life” the other day is to blame. So that makes me how old now? LOL My Freshman High-School English teacher was always very “dramatic.” Even when she was just talking to us. She had studied Theater in college and had acted on stage. … Continue reading Freshman English Class